The Air We Breathe Campaign takes LAM Guidelines on the Road

Laura Bowers is preparing to take the LAM Clinical Guidelines on the road to present them to Emergency Room and OB/GYN doctors. During the month of May, Laura and a handful of women with LAM will share their journeys and exhibit the newly published clinical LAM guidelines, with the hope of educating doctors and giving them the tools to diagnose women with LAM faster.

Emergency Room and OB/GYN doctors are typically the first health care providers to witness women’s symptoms. Laura has put together a non-traditional, innovative approach to promoting the LAM clinical guidelines with these first responders at their annual medical conferences. With generous funding from the Eshelman Institute for Innovation, this May, an Air We Breathe booth will be set up at the 2017 ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting in San Diego, CA from May 6 - 9 and the SAEM17 Conference in Orlando, FL from May 16 - 19. Doctors who attend these conference will receive a copy of the official American Thoracic Society/Japanese Respiratory Society Clinical Guidelines, links to the Air We Breathe Campaign website and information on The LAM Foundation.

After those conferences have concluded, Laura will join Sue Sherman and The LAM Foundation in the exhibit hall at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) International Conference in Washington, DC. While there, Laura will have the opportunity to share her journey with pulmonologists and respiratory researchers from around the world.

Want to help Laura during her campaign?

  • If you live in Orlando, FL or San Diego, CA, Laura is looking for help to staff the booth and share the guidelines. Contact her at if you can help.
  • Consider sharing these guidelines with your local physicians and spread education about LAM.

To learn more about the Air We Breathe Campaign, visit

Safe travels Laura!