The LAM Foundation Attends the American Thoracic Society Conference

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) held its international conference May 13- 18 in downtown San Francisco. Members of The LAM Foundation staff, along with expert LAM researchers and clinicians, were in town sharing LAM awareness and educating other lung professionals on the symptoms and signs and how to diagnose LAM.

The LAM Foundation leveraged this opportunity to meet with LAM Clinic Directors, members of the LAM Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), and women with LAM, family and friends who live in the area. Other highlights from the week include ATS honoring several LAM researchers and clinicians with awards.

On Saturday, Stanford LAM Clinic Director, Stephen Ruoss, MD, was invited to speak at the FREE ATS Public Advisory Roundtable Patient and Family Forum, “Meet the Experts”. Women with LAM, family and friends came to learn about the latest patient centered technology and how they can benefit from new healthcare technology.

Later in the afternoon, Dr. Ruoss joined Joel Moss, MD, PhD, from the NIH for an afternoon LAM Gathering.  LAM Liaisons Shellie Owens and Susan Jacobs hosted this casual gathering where women in the region learned about all of the good news taking place with LAM Research. This afternoon gathering was the place to be seen! Even LAM Clinic Director, Elizabeth Henske, MD, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital stopped by.

Congratulations to LAM Clinic Director, Robert Kotloff, MD from the Cleveland Clinic who received the Respiratory Health Award for Outstanding Educator on Sunday evening.

LAM Clinic Directors and members of the LAM Scientific Advisory Board had an opportunity to gather together for lunch on Monday. Nearly 60 LAM experts gathered to learn about the new LAM Standard of Care Guidelines that will be published later this year. 

Katie Jensen, and Anne McKenna spent three days on the conference floor at the ATS convention talking about diagnosing LAM, LAM symptoms, and the new FDA approved treatment for LAM, Rapamycin with lung professionals from all over the world.

Special thanks to LAM Liaisons, Shellie Owens and Susan Jacobs, Mary Harbaugh, Julie Ng, Jan Harbacek and Susan Jardine for volunteering their time at The LAM Foundation booth. Sharing your journey with LAM brings awareness to clinicians from around the world so they can better recognize and treat women with LAM.

On the final evening, Elena Atochina- Vasserman, MD, PhD from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine won the Best Junior Investigator Paper for 2015 award for her research of “Surfactant Dysfunction and Lung Inflammation in the Female Mouse Model of LAM”. 

The TS Alliance and The LAM Foundation proudly nominated Dr. Elizabeth Henske, who won the prestigious ATS PAR Excellence Award. Sue Sherman, Executive Director of The LAM Foundation, Mary Harbaugh, LAM patient and Kari Rosbeck, President and CEO of the TS Alliance were on hand to present the award to Dr. Henske.