Worldwide LAM Patient Coalition (WLPC)

The LAM Foundation is the global leader in LAM research. awareness, education, and patient services.  In January 2007, The LAM Foundation formed the Worldwide LAM Patient Coalition (WLPC) to collaborate with patient organizations in other countries.  The WLPC began with ten countries and has now expanded to eighteen.

The WLPC is an excellent avenue to increase numbers for clinical research projects, facilitate research, and aid in recruitment for clinical trials. The LAM Foundation is excited about this global organization and working with patients and medical personnel in other countries who wish to start LAM organizations and become members of the WLPC.

The WLPC members share information and ideas so that each country’s organization can continue to grow individually as well as globally.  This international movement to end LAM is a collaboration of many great minds working together for a cure.

We are proud of our LAMbassadors!  To visit WLPC members’ websites please copy and paste their address below in your address bar.

LAM Australia Research Alliance
Janet Neustein, LAMbassador
Allan Glanville, MD, FRACP, Medical Advisor

LAM Austria, Austria
Viera Reptova, LAMbassador
Sabine Hummer, MD, Medical Advisor

Associação LAM do Brasil, Brazil
Flavia Sobroza, LAMbassador
Carlos Carvalho, MD, PhD, Medical Advisor

LAM Canada, Canada
Kathy Dankewich, Interim LAMbassador

LAM China
Eva Long, LAMbassador
Kai-Feng Xu, MD, Medical Advisor

Association FLAM, France
Corine Durand, LAMbassador
Vincent Cottin, MD, Medical Advisor

LAM Selbsthilfe Deutschland, Germany
Britta Hoing, LAMbassador
Hubert Wirtz, MD, Medical Advisor

Israel LAM Organization
Lesley Bogoslavski, LAMbassador
Mordechai R. Kramer, MD, Medical Advisor

Iris Bassi, LAMbassador
Sergio Harari, MD, Medical Advisor

J-LAM, Japan
Reina Endo, LAMbassador
Yoshikazu Inoue, MD, Medical Advisor

LAM Mexico
Carmen Iglesias, LAMbassador
Roberto Mercado Longoria MD, Medical Advisor

The Netherlands
Ine Van Meijeren, LAMbassador
Jan Grutters, MD, Medical Advisor

New Zealand LAM Charitable Trust, New Zealand
Bronwyn Gray, LAMbassador
John Kolbe, MD, Medical Advisor

LAM Norway, Norway
Kristin Seim, LAMbassador
Anne Naalsund, MD, Medical Advisor

LAMRomania, Romania
Cezar Caluschi, LAMbassador
Mugur Bosinceanu, MD, Medical Advisor

AELAM, Spain
Mari Luz Vila, LAMbassador
Antonio Roman, MD, Medical Advisor

LAM Academy, Sweden
Anette von Koch, LAMbassador
Maryam Fathi, MD, PhD, Medical Advisor

LAM Action, UK
Gill Hollis, LAMbassador
Simon Johnson, MD, Medical Advisor

The LAM Foundation, United States
Susan Milligan, LAMbassador
Frank McCormack, MD, Medical Advisor