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Sponsor LAM Research

Many of The LAM Foundation’s cutting-edge research investigations are funded through donor sponsorships. Become part of the cure by funding (in full or in part), research projects that are currently underway.

Why Sponsor LAM Research?

Every year, The LAM Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of thought leaders in LAM, conducts a rigorous peer review. Grants are awarded on the basis of scientific merit, relevance to LAM, and the qualifications of the investigators. In fact, the Foundation only funds the very best LAM research, no matter where that may be. By supporting the best and brightest researchers, your investment in The LAM Foundation is an investment in our quest for the cure.

These dedicated scientists are working diligently to unravel the clues to understanding LAM. Please remember, in gratitude for your generosity, we will also list your name in our annual report, send you regular progress reports, and give you the opportunity to meet with the researcher(s) you support.

The LAM Foundation prides itself on playing an integral role in many of the discoveries that have improved the lives of those afflicted with LAM. We hope you will join us in the battle to cure lymphangioleiomyomatosis, by making a generous gift to support LAM research.

For more information on supporting our vital research, please contact Sue Sherman at ssherman@thelamfoundation.org or at 513-777-6889.

Sponsor LAM Projects and Activities

Join in the fight against LAM. Become a LAM Foundation sponsor. Together we can change the future of women living with lymphangioleiomyomatosis!

When you support The LAM Foundation you are helping over 3,000 women who are living with the disease and approximately 220,000 more who are estimated to be misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. The Foundation wants to develop relationships with corporations that are committed to our cause and will work with the Foundation to elevate the sense of urgency around LAM...educate patients and their loved ones about the management of the disease...and inspire people to take action.

Corporate sponsorship provides the opportunity for companies to:

  • Connect with people who have LAM
  • Make a positive impact in their community
  • Raise funds to advance research for finding a cure
  • Participate in outreach and education programs in the community
  • Support advocacy efforts

When you become a corporate sponsor with The LAM Foundation your company may:

  • Expand its reach and grow your customer base through access to a core targeted market of those with LAM, and committed supporters of the Foundation
  • Drive awareness and loyalty of your brand through the LAM community
  • Increase employee health and awareness about LAM by committing to help employees learn the signs and symptoms of LAM
  • Fund research to help find a cure

Ways to Get Involved

We invite corporate America to join The LAM Foundation in the fight against lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Corporate sponsorship offers a variety of ways for companies to get involved:

  • Sponsor a LAM Clinic in your region – The LAM Foundation has partnered with 26 Institutions to establish LAM Clinics across the country. The primary objective of The LAM Foundation’s Clinical Research Network is to provide LAM patients with state of the art, coordinated, multidisciplinary care in the area where they live. Another objective of the program is to facilitate clinical trials within medical institutions that have the interest and expertise to perform cooperative research with other LAM Clinics. The LAM Foundation hopes to provide financial support to LAM Clinics that meet the criteria for collecting and transmitting longitudinal data for research and quality improvement purposes using Foundation web-based tools, thus becoming LAM centers of excellence. Click here to view the list of LAM Clinics across the country.
  • Sponsor The LAM Foundation International Research Conference (LAMposium) – The conference is the largest research conference for LAM in the world. The three-day, dual-track conference brings together the scientific and patient communities to share information on the advancements in LAM research. The scientific portion of the conference serves as the catalyst for future LAM research efforts, while the patient/family track helps LAM patients navigate their journey with LAM. The conference began in 1998 and is well established.
  • Add The LAM Foundation to your Employee Giving Campaign - Encourage your employees to support the cause by donating to The LAM Foundation through payroll deduction.
  • Become a Matching Gifts Company - Consider matching your employees’ contributions to The LAM Foundation. This can double or triple your employees’ donations to the Foundation and build a sense of caring and community within your own organization.
  • Employee Volunteering – Consider offering incentives to employees for volunteering

For more information on corporate sponsorship and how your company can join in the fight against LAM, contact Sue Sherman at ssherman@thelamfoundation.org or 513.777.6889.