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NEW STUDY - Dr. Lisa Young at Vanderbilt University - Do Not Need to Travel



  • Females age 13 and older who have been diagnosed with LAM, either Sporadic LAM or TSC associated LAM

  • Please note: Diagnosis of TSC is not required

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Do not let the title of the study confuse you.  Any woman diagnosed with LAM is eligible to participate.  It is important that all women with LAM at least contact the study coordinator to discuss the details of the study.  NIH Continued funding of this study is dependent on Dr. McCormack and the other site's ability to enroll as many women with LAM as possible in the first few months...Multi center International Durability and Safety of Sirolimus in Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Trial (MIDAS Trial)
Dr. Francis X. McCormack

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NEW PROJECT IN HENSKE LAB:  Elizabeth (Lisa) Henske’s laboratory ( has a new project to develop cellular models of LAM and angiomyolipomas to catalyze translational research.  Please contact us if you are considering lung transplantation or any type of surgery.  We are actively seeking tissue specimens from LAM, angiomyolipomas, lung transplantation, chylous fluid, uterine fibroids or tumors, or any other tissue or specimen from individuals with LAM or TSC.  Please provide as much advance notice as possible so that the tissue can be properly collected.   Please contact Lisa Henske at or 617-355-9049 if you are considering any type of surgery or biopsy.  Thank you!


Safety Study of Simvastatin (SOS)
Dr. Vera Krymskaya

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Study of the Disease Process of LAM
Dr. Joel Moss

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