The LAM Foundation 
Endowed Chair Campaign

 "I have had the privilege to serve in this role of Scientific Director in a volunteer capacity, and it has been the source of great joy and personal and professional satisfaction for me. We need to begin planning for the future, especially in the face of significant changes in the practice of academic medicine." — Frank McCormack, MD, Scientific Director, The LAM Foundation 

Over the past 24 years, The LAM Foundation (TLF) has played a central role in the breathtaking progress in the diagnosis and treatment of LAM. In order to ensure that TLF continues to thrive, we need to secure the position of the Scientific Director as the bedrock that enables the organization to drive the science that has been the cornerstone of most of our major achievements. 

To address the need to secure future the Scientific Director position and to mitigate the risk of these changes to volunteer hours, TLF is proposing to establish The LAM Foundation Scientific Director Endowed Chair (TLF Chair), at the University of Cincinnati. The TLF Chair will be held by TLF Scientific Directors, to protect his or her time to maintain the scientific excellence of the research program and provide vital stability to the organization.  Establishing the TLF Chair will be a multi-year endeavor.

The first goal will be to raise $1 million dollars. Historically, the LAM community has rallied to financially support critical initiatives that have enabled discoveries and successes such as the FDA approval of sirolimus. I am confident that it is possible again, and sincerely hope that you will support this effort as it rolls out in 2019. 

— Frank McCormack, MD, Scientific Director, The LAM Foundation