The LAM Foundation Endowed Chair Campaign

Since 1995, The LAM Foundation has played a central role in the breathtaking progress made in the diagnosis and treatment of LAM. To ensure the Foundation continues driving the science that has been the cornerstone of major achievements, the role of Scientific Director needs to be secured.

 “I have had the privilege to serve in the role of Scientific Director in a volunteer capacity for 25 years, and it has been a source of great joy and personal and professional satisfaction for me.  An endowed chair provided by the University of Cincinnati has made it possible for me to spend a large portion of my time on LAM during the course of my career.  But there is no guarantee that future scientific directors will have the luxury of an endowed chair to devote their efforts to LAM, and physician scientists are increasingly held to account for every minute of their time. We need to begin planning for the future.” 

                                                                                                          - Frank McCormack, MD, Scientific Director, The LAM Foundation  

The LAM Foundation is proposing the establishment of The LAM Foundation Endowed Chair at the University of Cincinnati.  The future holder will serve in the Scientific Director role and the annual interest that the fund generates will support his or her efforts on initiatives that are important to the Foundation and to patients with LAM.  The TLF Endowed Chair will maintain the scientific excellence of the Foundation’s research program and provide vital stability to the organization in perpetuity.  The campaign to raise the funds to establish the TLF Chair began in 2019 and is expected to end by 2024.

The first goal will be to raise $1 million dollars, and we are well on our way. Ultimately, a $2 million dollar investment will enable the Scientific Director to devote an ample portion of his or her time to ensure that LAM science continues on its remarkable trajectory. Historically, the LAM community has rallied to financially support critical initiatives that have enabled successes such as the MILES trial and the discovery of VEGF-D as a diagnostic tool. We are confident that we can again meet the challenge and secure the future of LAM research. We sincerely hope that you will support this effort as it rolls out in 2020.