Tissue Donation

LAM Tissue Donation from The LAM Foundation on Vimeo.

You can help our researchers and scientists become more knowledgeable about LAM by donating your tissue for LAM-related studies. If you are facing a procedure in which tissue will be removed, you may be able to donate your tissue samples to our LAM scientists for research.

Successful collection of tissue for research requires careful planning prior to surgery  and time is of the essence after surgery, since tissue starts to die as soon as it is removed. 

To receive information describing the donation process, including consent and medical history forms, please contact The LAM Foundation.

If you are a woman with LAM living in the United States:

WHAT: Donate tissue from a lung transplant, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, pleurectomy, nephrectomy, or biopsy. You can also donate chyle.

WHEN: Call The LAM Foundation as soon as your surgery is scheduled or as soon as you are listed for transplant.

Who/Where: Patient Services Manager 
at 1-877-CURE-LAM (877-287-3526) or by email at patientservices@thelamfoundation.org