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The main goal of the Patient Benefit Conference was to identify and fund proposals for new products or services to benefit LAM patients in the shorter term: five years or less. The format for the LAM Patient Benefit Conference germinated from the idea that problem-solving for short- term challenges related to living with LAM need to be addressed, in addition to research efforts to find a cure. During the conference, the LAM community worked collaboratively to generate real-time solutions to patients’ most pressing day-to-day issues. 

In advance of the event, The LAM Foundation conducted two surveys – one for individuals with LAM, and one for LAM Clinic Directors. The collective feedback of 250 patients and 16 Clinic Directors enabled The LAM Foundation to identify the following six big topics that were addressed at the conference. They included:

  • Biomarkers and Imaging for LAM 
  • Supplemental Oxygen and LAM 
  • Exercise and LAM 
  • Fatigue 
  • Coping and Mental Wellness 
  • The Clinic Experience 
  • Patient Reported Data

Through moderated Solutions Workshops utilizing Design Thinking concepts, patients, researchers, clinicians and thought leaders discussed how to cultivate solutions for these topics. The outcomes were presented at the closing plenary where patients voted on the top ideas. The momentum of this stimulating meeting was taken to The LAM Foundation’s Breath of Hope Gala and funds were raised for a newly established Patient Benefit Grant Program. The mission of this grant program is to fund proposals that have the potential to result in present-day solutions that positively impact the diagnosis, care or quality of life of patients with LAM. This grant program will fund ideas generated at the Patient Benefit Conference.

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