Education Webinars

The LAM Foundation holds educational webinars to further educate the LAM Community about the latest breakthroughs and newest treatments, as well as provide additional education about the disease.

Recordings of webinars will be available for viewing after the webinar.

Previously Recorded Webinars

  • Acerca de LAM - En Español (About LAM - In Spanish)

    Recorded 4/29/2018

    Rosa Estrada-y-Martín, MD, de UT Health Houston, lidera este webinar informativo sobre LAM. El Dr. Estrada-y-Martín condujo este seminario web exclusivamente en español.

    Rosa Estrada-y-Martín, MD, of UT Health Houston, leads this informative webinar about LAM. Dr. Estrada-y-Martín conducted this webinar exclusively in Spanish.
  • LAM Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines

    Released 4/28/2018

    Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Evidence Based Practice video is a one hour review of the 2016 and 2017 ATS/JRS Clinical Practice Guidelines presented by experienced LAM Clinic Directors. This video covers recommendations for diagnosis, treatment, and management of LAM patients.

    To share this activity with your health care providers, CLICK HERE. This activity has been designed and approved for pulmonologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, emergency room physicians, family medicine physicians, internal medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and respiratory therapists involved in the management of patients with LAM. Clinicians can take the course and receive continuing education credits at no cost, for both CME and maintenance of certification (MOC).
  • Management of LAM: What Every Patient Should Know

    Recorded on 3/7/2018

    Nishant Gupta, MD, LAM Clinic Director at the University of Cincinnati and Medical Director of the LAM Clinic Network leads this informative webinar. In this webinar, Dr. Gupta highlights what every patient should know about how LAM is managed by their clinical care team.
  • Management of Pneumothoraces and the Surgeon's Role in the Treatment of LAM

    Recorded on 6/23/2016

    Daniel Raymond, MD, is a thoracic surgeon in the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Raymond is a member of the core multi-disciplinary care team in the LAM Clinic. In this webinar, Dr. Raymond discusses what a thoracic surgeon does and how they can help women with LAM. Highlights include how to identify a pneumothorax, when you should have a pleurodesis and how a pleurodesis can affect lung transplantation later in life.
  • Intimacy and LAM

    Recorded on 2/11/2016

    Lisa Larkin, MD, is the Director, UC Health Women’s Center, Associate Professor and Division Director of Midlife Women’s Health and Primary Care, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Department of OB/GYN. She has a specific interest and expertise in women’s health, particularly in the area of perimenopause and menopause transition, female sexual health and cancer survivorship. She is a breast cancer survivor and is committed to providing current, evidence-based care to her patients and is especially passionate about the care of women at midlife. In this webinar, she offers an interactive discussion on "Intimacy and LAM".

  • Chest Pain : Insight into the Reasons Why Women with LAM Have Pain

  • Recorded on 3/8/2016
  • As part of LAM Week at the ATS and in conjunction with PAR partner The LAM Foundation, the ATS presented a live webinar held on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. The webinar entitled, "Chest Pain: Insight into the Reasons Why Women with LAM Have Pain" and was hosted by Stephen Ruoss, MD of Stanford University School of Medicine.