RLDC LAMposium 2018

From September 6-9, 2018, the Northern Kentucky Convention Center transformed into a hub for rare lung diseases research. More than 400 researchers, clinicians, individuals with rare lung diseases, family members, patient advocacy partners, and sponsors filled the halls. One common goal brought us all together: Finding answers for those who live with these diseases. 

The weekend focused on a central question: What are the potential impacts of cutting-edge technologies in rare lung diseases research? An equal mix of patients and scientists met in the Cincinnati area, stepping out of their everyday routines and gathering in the same room, to explore the answers to this powerful question. 

Read more about the RLDC 2018 & LAMposium conference. 

Patient & Family Session Videos

For those who were not able to attend RLDC LAMposium 2018, below are recorded video sessions from the patient and family educational sessions.

Rare Diseases Research: Looking Towards the Future
Presenter: Dr. Tiina Urv
Big Data and Big Science to Understand and Treat Rare Lung Diseases
Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Whitsett
Managing Stress: Wellness and Self-Care
Presenter: Dr. Sian Cotton
Exploring Women’s Health and LAM
Presenters: Prof. Simon Johnson and Dr. Lisa Larkin
Top 10 Things to Know About LAM
Presenter: Dr. Frank McCormack
Understanding your PFTs
Presenter: Dr. Souheil El-Chemaly
Genetics of LAM & TSC
Presenter: Jennifer Glass
Lung Transplant: Is it Time? Am I Ready? Making the Decision
Presenter: Dr. Dan Dilling
Understanding Surgical Interventions for LAM
Presenter: Dr. Robert Kotloff