The Twenty Best Things About LAMposium

By Pat Rubedeau

  1. Wonderful healthy meals shared with researchers and clinicians
  2. Research Conference Summary Session on Sunday morning presented by the Clinical and Basic Science Conference Chairs
  3. Scientific and Community Posters
  4. Pajama parties with roommates
  5. Oxygen supply station
  6. Sessions led by Women with LAM like Kat Steele’s Yoga Class
  7. Sherry Truhlar, our Mistress of Ceremonies at the Breath of Hope Gala
  8. Kelsey Adams, our energetic and delightful photographer
  9. Signing up for new trials in the “Research Room”
  10. The Rose Ceremony (and recycling the roses)
  11. LAM Liaisons
  12. Being with old friends and making new ones
  13. A beautiful LAM quilt made by Stacey Wheelus
  14. All of our generous donors, especially those who support the LFN, underwriting travel expenses for women with LAM
  15. The Gala’s new White Rose Presentation in Memoriam
  16. The Remembrance Room envisioned and created by Sharlene Dunn
  17. The LAM staff pulling off an exceptional weekend
  18. The researchers and clinicians, old and new
  19. Fund-A-Cure raising money for LAM research
  20. The women with LAM, their families and friends who attend