2017 Grant Award Winners

The LAM Foundation is proud to announce our 2017 Grant Award winners, which resulted in funding for three exciting research projects totaling $440,000. These projects were all peer reviewed by The LAM Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board and approved by our Board of Directors.

The Career Development Award has been given to Issam Ben-Sahra, PhD, from Northwestern University. This award will pay $180,000 for up to three years for his research on “Defining the mTORC1-dependent Signaling Mechanisms Mediating Epigenetic Modifications”.

An Established Investigator Award was given to Michael Borchers, MD, from University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He will be receiving $150,000 for up to three years to study “Natural Killer Cell Phenotype and Function in Lymphangioleiomomatosis”.

A $50,000 Pilot Award has been given to Nishant Gupta, MD, of University of Cincinnati College of Medicine for a one-year study. He will explore “Home Spirometry to Evaluate Disease Progression and Treatment Response in Patients with LAM”.

A joint grant, in combination with the TS Alliance, was given to You Feng, PhD, of Brigham and Women's Hospital.  The two-year career development grant will total $135,000. 

Congratulations to all this year’s Grant Award winners! For more information about their projects, CLICK HERE.