Family and Friend Assistance

Family members and friends who have someone in their life with LAM often find themselves researching the disease and connecting with others so that they can better understand what is happening. This may be in partnership with the LAM patient, or separately.  It is not uncommon for friends and family to engage in discussions online or attend events even while their loved one with LAM struggles to cope with her diagnosis. 

We offer several ways for you to connect and share experiences with other family members and friends of women with LAM. We also offer several publications to help you to stay up-to-date on the latest scientific, patient, and community events and accomplishments.


  • Facebook – The LAM Foundation Facebook page is a communications tool used by The LAM Foundation to reach out to all of those touched in some way by LAM.  This page serves as a great tool for learning what's happening with the Foundation and is a great resource for learning more about the disease.  Information is also shared via Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • LAMposium – A three-day conference providing information on LAM and how you can support your loved one.  There are also six virtual LAMposium sessions via Zoom. These are presented as LAMposium in Your Living Room throughout the year. 


Several publications are available to women with LAM as well as their family members and friends. To receive this information please register with the Foundation.

  • LAM Handbook – A great resource for answering questions on living with LAM (translations available in five languages).
  • Journeys – This annual publication keeps you informed about the Foundation’s scientific advancements, patient support services, fundraising activities, and accomplishments. Also available online.
  • Currents – a monthly update sent via email to provide time-sensitive information. Also available online. Use this link to go to the Register Now page and sign up to receive Currents.

Other Resources

  • Clinical Research Network – LAM Clinics are located across the US offering multidisciplinary care for individuals with LAM. Encourage your loved one to be seen in a LAM Clinic at least once a year so she can be evaluated by a physician who is considered an expert in LAM.
  • Helping Children Cope When a Family Member has LAM – a resource to help you talk to children about LAM.
  • What You Need to Know as a LAM Caregiver – a guide to help you, as a caregiver, deal with some of the things you may be facing when your loved one has LAM.
  • LAM Handbook - This comprehensive resource is a great tool for women living with LAM. It was written by women with LAM for women with LAM and offers insights into every aspect of living with the disease.