In Memory

“Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.”

– Flavia Weeden

LAM Feather 2016plus

Evelyn Barron
Barbara Borowski
Rosalva Marin Chavez
Maureen Corry
Holly Jo Devers
Janet Fredericksen
Christina Hay
Terry Weston
Misty White

LAM Feather 2015plus

Corine Durand
Martha Garcia
Iwona Godlewski
Pat Hovis
Emma Murphy
Linda Rowe
Flavia Sobroza

LAM Feather 2014plus

Catherine Chenoweth
Deborah Hoffman
Jenay Javorcky
Seli Schulte

LAM Feather 2013plus

Vi Adler
Delphine Bennett
Adele Grimball
Jean Liesner
Caren Mazure
Janet Roberts
Diane Shaughnessy
Elizabeth Strong
Louise Almand Temples

LAM Feather 2012plus

Caroline Brearley
Felicity Julia Bromhead
Jackie Komarowksi
Gloria Weikle

LAM Feather 2011plus

Monica Beuligmann
Judy Bowman
Karen Chin
Simone Ribeiro Garcia
Drita Mehmeti
Jean Togikawa

LAM Feather 2010plus

Shelley M. Bangle
Irene Cervantes-Lowenberg
Rebeca Marie Cruz
Nikki DeMichieli
Jacqueline L. DesRoches
Mary Heiserman
Sandy McNitt
Louise Wardle
Kristen Wells

LAM Feather 2009plus

Tillie Balicki
The names of deceased women with LAM are published with prior family permission.