LAM Liaison Patient Network

To help women with LAM connect with one another, the Foundation developed the LAM Liaison Patient Network.  This network was created by dividing the United States into 20 regions. Regions were determined based on patient numbers, geography, and proximity to an established and/or future LAM Clinic. Click here to see a map of the regions.

The Foundation recruits LAM Liaisons and/or Area Leads for each region.  A LAM Liaison is a regional leader who reaches out to patients in her region and also organizes one or more regional meetings each year.  These meetings will give you the opportunity to meet other patients who live in your area and to discuss issues that are important to you.  An Area Lead is someone who is happy to talk to other patients in her region but is not responsible for organizing regional meetings.

Even though you live within a certain region you are welcome to attend meetings in any region.  Family members and friends are also invited to attend regional meetings.  Click here to find information about regional meetings in your area.

The LAM Liaison Patient Network ensures that all women with LAM receive the personal attention they both need and deserve.  Feel free to contact your LAM Liaison and/or Area Lead with any questions you might have about living with LAM.

Here is a list of regions, LAM Liaisons and/or Area Leads, and links to their email addresses:

New England:  Region 1

Connecticut, Maine
Massachusetts, New Hampshire
Rhode Island, Vermont
Liaison: Madeline Nolan

Western PA / New York:  Region 2

Western Pennsylvania
Northwestern New York
Liaison: Susan Mennillo

New York Metro:  Region 3

New York City
Liaisons: Sarah Poitras

New Jersey / Philly:  Region 4

Eastern Pennsylvania
New Jersey
Liaison: Alanna Nelson / Patti Bebien-Aronoff

Mid-Atlantic:  Region 5

Delaware, Maryland
Virginia, Washington DC
Liaison: Mary Stojic

Southern Atlantic:  Region 6

Georgia, Eastern Tennessee
North Carolina, South Carolina
Liaison: Susie Picart / Carolyn Nowell

Florida:  Region 7

Florida, Puerto Rico
Liaison: Jackie Carroll / Elena Perez / Barb Turner

Southern:  Region 8

Alabama, Mississippi
Western Tennessee
Liaisons: Stacey Wheelus

Midwest:  Region 9

Indiana, Kentucky
Ohio, West Virginia
Liaison: Lesley Hoover / Melaney Parrish

Illinois:  Region 10

Liaisons: Kathy Peiffer

Michigan:  Region 11


Liaison: Jeanne Putney / Gwen Pryor

Northern Plains:  Region 12

Minnesota, North Dakota
South Dakota, Wisconsin

Liaison: Sharon Hovland

Central Plains:  Region 13

Iowa, Kansas
Missouri, Nebraska

Liaison: Marla Hamlin / Carmen Iglesias

Gulf:  Region 14

Arkansas, Louisiana
Eastern Oklahoma, Eastern Texas

Liaisons: Cary Shaw / Madeline Williams

South Central:  Region 15

New Mexico, Western Oklahoma
Western Texas

Liaison: Frances Saldivar / Maria Teniente

Mountain:  Region 16

Colorado, Utah

Liaisons: Audrey Knipe / Lynnette Weese

Northwest:  Region 17

Idaho, Montana

Liaison: OPEN
Area Lead: Rhonda Officer

Northern Pacific: Region 18

Alaska, Oregon

Liaisons: Sharlene Brells Dunn / Reina Endo

Mid Pacific:  Region 19

Northern California, Northern Nevada

Liaisons: Peggy Haupt / Shellie Owens

Southern Pacific:  Region 20

Arizona, Hawaii
Southern California, Southern Nevada

Liaisons: Charm Perry-Flint / Patricia Ortiz


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Michigan Region - 11

Jeanne Putney


6231 Lincolnshire Ct SE, Apt 14

Cascade, MI 49546

(M) 616-485-1608

Northern Plains Region - 12

Mary Harbaugh

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

4220 Highland Dr.

Shoreview, MN 55126

(H) 651-484-4909

(M) 651-238-9529

Central Plains Region - 13

Michele Pycior/Carmen Iglesias

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska

Michele - 9014 S. Hardsaw Rd

Lone Jack, MO 64070

(H) 816-697-2347

(M) 816-916-2174

Carmen - 17536 Adams Way Ct

Wildwood, MO 63005

(H) 636-352-0588

(M) 314-330-5103

Gulf Region - 14

Darla Biles/Cary Shaw/

Madeline Williams

Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, Eastern Texas, Louisiana

Darla - 3780 Copperfield Dr, Apt 1111

Bryan, TX 77802

(H) 979-703-6380

(M) 281-389-3567

Cary - 2618 Braken Carter Ln

Katy, TX 77449

(H) 281-347-7726

(M) 832-724-3413

Madeline - 226 Roy Rogers Ln

Murphy, TX 75094

(H) 918-567-3696