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The LAM Liaison Patient and Family Network

The LAM Foundation is deeply grateful for the commitment ofour LAM Liaisons in fostering a community of support for their fellow patients with LAM, especially the newly diagnosed. A LAM Liaison is a regional leader who guides and counsels patients in a particular region of the U.S. or Canada. Regions are based on patient numbers, geography, and proximity to an established and/or future LAM clinic. Each LAM Liaison organizes one or more in-person or virtual regional meetings a year, providing an opportunity to meet other patients who live nearby and discuss important issues related to LAM. All patients and their loved ones are welcome to attend any liaison meeting.

LAM Liaisons ensure that all women with LAM receive the personal attention they both need and deserve. Please contact The LAM Foundation at to be connected to one of our LAM Liaisons with any questions or needs in regard to living with LAM.

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Worldwide LAM Patient Coalition (WLPC)

The LAM Foundation formed the Worldwide LAM Patient Coalition (WLPC) in 2007 to collaborate with patient organizations globally. The WLPC began with ten countries and has since expanded to seventeen.

The WLPC is an excellent avenue for member organizations to collaborate on research and support clinical trial recruitment so that each country’s organization can continue to grow individually. This international movement to end LAM combines many great minds working together for a cure.

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