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Wanted: Your talent and creativity! Help power our mission by turning a personal passion into a lively local fundraiser. Golf…cycling…wine tasting…the possibilities are endless and up to you!

Our community fundraisers are powerful drivers of The LAM Foundation’s mission to find better treatments and a cure for LAM. Over 95% of funds donated to The LAM Foundation are made in honor or memory of a woman with LAM. Whether virtual or in-person, we can help you plan your event and even set up a website for you to register attendees and collect donations.

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You can also access The LAM Foundation media kit with talking points and guidelines (.zip file containing guidelines and logos) for the use of our logo.

Online and Virtual Fundraising

Using social media and today’s technology, it’s easy to raise funds online. To set up your own donation page to share with friends and family across the globe, click on one of the options below. Have questions, or need help setting up your site? Contact our Development Team at 513-777-6889 or

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Successful Events

Below are a few examples of successful events and some tools to help get you started.

Laps for LAM

Laps for LAM is the brainchild of Peggy Haupt, an enthusiastic supporter who has singlehandedly raised $100,000 for The LAM Foundation. Laps for LAM encourages attendees to walk up to 15 miles around a high school track in support of The LAM Foundation. Since 2020, Laps for LAM has gone virtual via our custom fundraising platform and has included participants from around the world.

Heather Joy Golf Outing

Every year since 2016, LAM community members Chrissy and Loren Buntrock host a successful golf outing with their family that has raised over $33,500 for The LAM Foundation in memory of Heather Buntrock.

Bear Chase Brewery Event

Larisa Nunley’s first community fundraiser brought in over $11,000, an amount matched dollar-for-dollar by our LAMplify program, funded by The LAM Foundation’s generous donors, making a total gift of over $22,000. The highlight of Larisa’s month-long campaign was the “Sunday Fund A Cure for LAM” celebration at the Bear Chase Brewery.

Pontz Art Auction

Eden and Leslie Pontz hosted an art auction that raised over $12,000 between the art auction and an employee match!

We are deeply grateful for the selflessness and dedication of these and other community fundraisers. You are our heroes!

Write Letters for LAM

One time-honored fundraising method is a letter-writing campaign. Reach out to friends, family, and co-workers with a personal fundraising letter, explaining what LAM is, why we need support, and how to donate. Whether you put pen to paper or send an email, view this sample letter to get started today.



Want to multiply your fundraising donations? LAMplify your event! LAMplify is a challenge grant issued by our major donors to help you make even more of an impact, energize your donors, and stretch your goals. With LAMplify, donations to The LAM Foundation are doubled. Download the LAMPLIFY application by clicking the button below to learn more.

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Please contact us with any questions or ideas about creating your fundraiser at 513-777-6889 or We’re here to help you succeed!