New Patient Checklist

Learning about your LAM diagnosis can be overwhelming. Consider this checklist when making decisions about next steps in your LAM journey.

  • LAM Check MarkRegister with The LAM Foundation.
    • By registering with The LAM Foundation, you’ll have access to many resources that will help you learn about LAM and what your diagnosis means. You'll also be able to stay up to date on what's happening in LAM research and the LAM community through our e-newsletter, CURRENTS and our BLOG.
  • LAM Check MarkFind a LAM Clinic in your area
    • Because LAM is so rare, it’s often difficult to find a doctor who has experience with the disease. By finding a LAM clinic in your area, you will be able to see an expert who can give you the best advice on treatment.
  • LAM Check Mark Attend LAMposium in Your Living Room
    • This interactive educational webinar series features a broad range of topics presented by LAM experts. These sessions offer a remarkable opportunity to interact with clinicians, scientists, patients, and other members of our global LAM community. Registration is free and open to all. Click the link to view recordings of previous presentations.
  • LAM Check MarkRead The LAM Handbook
    • This resource, written by LAM patients, will answer many of the questions you have about LAM.
  • LAM Check MarkExplore Additional Patient Resources
    • Patient support is a huge part of the mission of The LAM Foundation. There are several ways that women with LAM can connect and share their experiences, as well as learn more about LAM.  
  • LAM Check MarkContact Us
    • You can contact our Patient Services department by calling (513) 777-6889 or emailing The LAM Foundation team is available to talk with you and answer your questions.