Charity Rating Policy

The LAM Foundation is committed to the highest standard of financial transparency and judicious stewardship of donor funding. In 2022, more than $1.5 million of our operating expenses went to pursuing our mission of increasing awareness, funding promising research, and developing better treatments for LAM. We have received high marks from the National Health Council, Candid (GuideStar), Charity Navigator, and other national associations and watchdog organizations.

Candid (Formerly Guidestar)

The LAM Foundation has earned a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid, formerly GuideStar, the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. Our Platinum Seal indicates that we share clear and important information with the public about our goals, strategies, financial accounting, and progress in fulfilling our mission.


As a certified member of the Better Business Bureau, The LAM Foundation complies with the BBB’s 20 standards of accountability, requiring our Board of Directors’ governing and oversight, sound financials, measurable effectiveness, and accurate solicitation and information materials.

National health council logoNational Health Council

The NHC requires its member patient advocacy organizations to comply with the 38 Standards of Excellence Certification Program to maintain the highest levels of efficiency, transparency, and public stewardship. The LAM Foundation meets these standards in governance, human resources, programs, fundraising, finance, accounting and reporting, and evaluation. The LAM Foundation has been an accredited member of the NHC since 2002.


Since 1983, NORD has been a national steward and a steadfast partner in helping those who battle and care for rare diseases feel seen, heard, supported, and connected. NORD is a full-service, mission-driven nonprofit reimagining a future where every person with a rare disease and their families live their best lives.

Charity Navigator

Since 2001, Charity Navigator has empowered millions of donors by providing free access to data, tools, and resources to guide philanthropic decision-making. With nearly 200,000 charities rated, their comprehensive ratings shine a light on the cost-effectiveness and overall health of a charity’s programs, including measures of stability, efficiency, and sustainability. The metrics inform donors of not just where their dollars are going but what their dollars are doing.