Active Mother of Three Advances LAM Research

carol webber smiling with her doctor

Meet Carol Webber.

Carol is always on the move as a mom of three. She was diagnosed with LAM in 2018 and was concerned she wouldn’t be able to keep up with her energetic children. In 2018, she needed a hysterectomy and donated her uterus for LAM research. Carol’s tissue donation proved helpful to scientists asking the question “Where do LAM cells come from?”  For the first time, in the form of single cell RNA sequencing, researchers now have a technique that is powerful enough to help us get closer to answering this fundamental question.

Carol connected with The LAM Foundation at the right time, when we could take full advantage of scientific technology, resources, and infrastructure like never before. It took a global network of patients, researchers, and donors to make this possible. Carol’s story is only the beginning. There has never been a more exciting time to invest in LAM research. Our strong network of professionals dedicated to finding better treatments and a cure puts us in the unique position to push forward faster.

Hear more about Carol’s story by watching the videos below.