Your Powerful Legacy

At The LAM Foundation, we are dedicated to creating a world without LAM – a disease that a few short years ago was completely untreatable. Thanks to Foundation-funded research, there is an FDA-approved drug that helps slow the progression of LAM. Our brilliant scientists and clinicians continue pioneering innovative therapies to improve and save the lives of women with LAM.

You, too, have the opportunity to impact the future of The LAM Foundation without affecting your current cash flow. By generously including the Foundation in your will or trust, you help ensure the continued pursuit of our mission: to urgently seek safe and effective treatments, and ultimately a cure, for LAM. Whatever your age or income level, there is a planned giving option for you.

The process is easy and can be as simple as adding:   “I bequeath $__________ or __________% of my estate to The LAM Foundation, 4520 Cooper Rd. Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45242″ to the document. You can modify your bequest at any time and gifts are tax-deductible to your estate.

If you do not have an up-to-date plan in place, you can create your legal will or trust for free using this trusted resource from our partners at FreeWill, which makes it simple to start your legacy through a planned gift for The LAM Foundation in a few minutes online.

If you would prefer to finalize your will with an attorney, you can also save time with your lawyer by using FreeWill to document your wishes.

The Breath of Hope Legacy Society

The Breath of Hope Legacy Society honors donors who want to create a legacy to help shape the Foundation’s future through a planned gift. These donors are recognized for their contribution while still living and leaving behind a remarkable legacy of caring and support to the LAM community. If you’ve already designated The LAM Foundation in your estate, please let us know so we can express our gratitude and keep you updated on our latest scientific discoveries.

Featured Legacy donors

Legacy for a Sisterhood

Shellie Owens, a longstanding supporter and volunteer for The LAM Foundation, never let her LAM diagnosis stop her from doing everything she could to support her fellow LAM


A Gift More Than 40 Years in the Making

Wendy Sellers, a 30-year-old wife and mother, had been struggling for months with unexplained lung issues before she finally received a LAM diagnosis. It was the early 1980s, when doctors knew little