Life with LAM

Brenda Esparza Solis

Cosmetologist | Mexico

“Since my LAM diagnosis, my life has changed completely. From leading to my divorce – because I was misunderstood by my partner – to learning to appreciate every second and every small thing that happens to me. Day by day, I appreciate life more. I don’t take it for granted. LAM also led to my issues with anxiety. That anxiety and uncertainty, however, are what drive me to want more, to look for the positive side of everything, and – for the most part – to minimize the bad.

My battle with LAM won’t defeat me because I still need to see the world, and I’m going to do it. I follow the medical advice of my pulmonologist, Dr. Velarde, to the letter. He always tells me, “Be happy, Bren.” And of course, I must obey my doctor, so… I will strive to be happy while living with LAM.”

– Brenda Esparza Solis, Mexico

This excerpt is from Breathe, Just Breathe by Jennifer Fujikawa. Share your own story during Worldwide LAM Awareness Month, tag @thelamfoundation on social media, and use the hashtag #WWLAM to raise awareness for LAM with your friends and family.