Dr. Patricia A. Gentile, Ed.D

Interim Executive Director

Dr. Gentile, an Associate with Interim Executive Solutions, brings her wealth of experience in transitional leadership and nonprofit management. With a career spanning over three decades, Dr. Gentile has held the position of CEO within various 501(c)3 organizations. Further, she has served in academic leadership roles, progressing from Associate Dean to Dean, and ultimately College President at two distinct higher education institutions.

Dr. Gentile is a highly effective transitional leader who excels in fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders. She takes pride in advocating for those facing adversity and holds a deep appreciation for the mission of nonprofit organizations. Dr. Gentile possesses a strong foundation in strategic planning, resource development, and philanthropy. Her expertise extends beyond establishing the institutional framework necessary for long-term organizational viability; she is also skilled in maintaining and nurturing the vital personal connections that sustain an organization and its mission. Dr. Gentile’s approach revolves around building trust and offering clear direction to empower nonprofits to achieve their fullest potential.

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