Statement on Pfizer’s decision on the brand drug, Rapamune, in the U.S.

The LAM Foundation was made aware just yesterday by Pfizer that they will no longer sell or have availability of their brand drug, RAPAMUNE® in the United States, effective December 31, 2023. Please be assured that there are many manufacturers currently producing sirolimus, the generic form of RAPAMUNE®, to serve LAM patients.

Pfizer informed us they have decided that the availability of generics is sufficient to meet the demand for sirolimus in the U.S. Nevertheless, The LAM Foundation has expressed our dissatisfaction and alarm to Pfizer on behalf of the LAM community. We are in contact with their team and exploring future options.

Pfizer is sending a letter to healthcare providers today notifying them of the change.

RAPAMUNE® will continue to be available outside the U.S. due to the lack of availability of generic forms of the drug elsewhere.

Whether or not you are taking RAPAMUNE® /sirolimus, we want to hear from you. As patients, you can help guide our efforts to improve drug access by filling out this survey. 

Please watch for upcoming directions for how our community can take action to address this situation and find a path forward. As always, please consult with your doctor on your course of treatment.


Susan E. Sherman, MHA

CEO and Executive Director