Study suggests LAM is more prevalent than previously thought

“Rare diseases are often disregarded given their rarity. Most are underdiagnosed. The minute you tell clinicians that this is actually four to five times more common than you previously thought, they are more aware of it, and they look for it more. So I think it improves diagnosis.”  – Cormac McCarthy, MD, PhD

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is just one of 6,000 rare diseases worldwide. The largest study to date of LAM patients estimates that for every million women, three to seven will have LAM. However, a 2023 study of four European countries suggests the prevalence is at least 21 cases per million women. This study, partially funded by The LAM Foundation, may help raise awareness and lead to earlier diagnosis for LAM patients. It was conducted by Evelyn Lynn, PhD, and supervised by LAM Clinic Director, Cormac McCarthy, MD, of the University of Dublin.

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